Alex Constantine raised the following points in relation to the death of Heath Ledger.

The claim was consistently made that he had died from an overdose of prescription drugs, although he allegedly died from opiates which he hadn't been prescribed. Salon claimed the death to be "due to medical error". The only bottles of prescription drugs found with the body didn't include the opiates from which he allegedly died, raising the possibility that his medicine had been tampered with or replaced, as Randy Quaid has suggested. The media at the time alleged that he was headed for rehab and that a drug habit had terminated his relationship with Michelle Williams, stories which she has described as "fabricated". This could constitute evidence of a campaign through the media to imply the likelihood of an accidental overdose in contradiction to the facts.

Ledger's van was stolen on the night of his death, at about the time of his death. No connection to the death has been shown.

The masseuse Diane Lee Wolozin who found the body repeatedly called Mary Kate Olsen, the deceased's alleged girlfriend in the period leading up to his death, before calling emergency services. She also wanted to call "security people in New York" before contacting the authorities. Olsen was never questioned by police despite their having indicated their intention to do so. She was seen out partying only two days after the death.

Michael Baden was involved in the autopsy, as well as briefing the press. Michael Baden is more famous for fabricating evidence in the assassination of JFK.