In June 2001 Kemal became the first Frenchman to be granted political asylum in the USA, something more usually granted to those fleeing third world dictatorships. Kemal was a French pearl dealer who claimed his daughter, Laurianne, had been ensnared in a paedophile operation by top French judges and police, with the aid of his wife. Judge Ohata, presiding over his immigration case, found these claims credible and thought that the French government was engaged in a "vendetta" against Kamal. He further described the case as a "pure abuse of power". Ohata also indicated his belief that Kemal was discriminated against on the grounds of his Arab race and Morrocan heritage.

The case began with a divorce between Kemal and his then wife Guyot in 1993, during which a French judge threw out Kemal's case, the judge himself being one of those accused of paedophile activities by Kemal. In 1994 Kemal took his daughter to his sister in California, his sister being a lawyer there. Two months later Santa Monica detectives and French officials took the child and were only prevented by the FBI from immediately flying the child back to France. A court found that the police had entered Kamal's home illegally to obtain the girl. The child was instead taken back to France via Mexico and put back into the mother's custody in Nice.

A child psychologist in America, a Dr Nicole Gilbert, confirmed that Laurianne seemed to have been sexually abused, exhibiting "all such clinical symptoms". At least two other "leading experts" in child abuse corroborated this conclusion, as did the earlier French examinations by three court-accredited doctors Eric el Baze, Eric Suquet and Gerald Quatrehomme, who saw that the child was often heavily bruised and appeared to have been battered. Two court appointed psychologists in France had advised that the child be placed in the father's custody, doctors Catherine Caumont-Bennet and Malek Santini. Santini claimed that the child was aggravated and afraid in the presence of the mother, but the courts ignored their own psychologists in this case.

Kemal was convicted in absentia by the French for kidnapping and malicious prosecution and has been accused on not paying child support.

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