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A note written by one of the Quaids

Randy Quaid is an actor who appeared in such films as Independence Day and Brokeback Mountain. In 2010 he and his wife Evi sought refuge in Canada, being arrested due to charges files against them for vandalism in Santa Barbara, California. The couple claimed to believe the warrants had been issued by mistake, but asked a Canadian immigration hearing not to send them back to America as several of their friends had been "murdered". Those they claimed to have been killed included David Carradine and Heath Ledger.

No particular reason for their belief that their friends were murdered or that Randy was in danger from the "Star Whackers" was presented and it is widely believed that they were merely fleeing justice in a floridly weird way and may not have been thinking rationally as a result of financial stress. However an ex-wife of David Carradine offered some qualified support to the theory.

In an interview on the CBS Early Show Quaid claimed that he believed Heath Ledger's medication to have been "tainted".